maandag 29 juni 2009

Regular Monday

Today was a regular monday. I had to go to work. Because the boyfriend hurt his back, he was not going to work at the usual time, which is very early. Therefore i decided that i could take my time too, and i left later than usual. Of course, i got stuck in a traffic jam on the bridge

It was kind of foggy, i always like that, it looks so mysterious.
I spent all day at work, preparing my poster for the congress next week. I finally have a good idea of how to do it, so i am sure i will finish it in time!

After work i went to the gym for my spinning class. even though it wasn't that hot inside, i still sweat like a men! But it was a good work out.

I had spinach with mashed potatoes and fishfingers for dinner, together with a glass of wine, delicious!!

After that i just did some cleaning up and now i will only do some ab-excercises and then i'm ready for bed!

Sunday sunny day

Sunday was a relaxing day for me! Caught up with laundry, including presoaking and treating some white laundry that all had stains that did not come out the first time i washed them. So let's pray it will work this time!!

The rest of the day i spend relaxing. Just figuring out my blog, reading e-mail and i also did some drawing.

Funny thing: when i did some abs-excercises tonight, my abroller fell apart! Luckily we could put it back together, because lately i have been working out a little more than usual to loose some bellyfat.

zondag 28 juni 2009

b-day girl

Even though my birthday was on thursday, my family came over on saturday eve to celebrate.

I am really happy with all my presents and felt like a genuine birthday girl!

I spent most of my day preparing and doing things i always do on saturdays: groceries, clean the house, bake cakes. That last thing i havent done for ages but i am planning on doing that more often!

We sat outside for a while and the cats always join us by sitting inside in front of the window. Today they looked even cuter than usually. Chinta looked like sphynx and Chickie was looked adorabla between the (dead, lol) flowers.

The boyfriend hurt his back today, poor him! he can barely move now, which is driving him crazy. i hope he will get better soon, especially since in 10 days we will go to Paris for the weekend!

vrijdag 26 juni 2009

First Blog

Hi everyone,

This is my first blog (wow, am I late!) I am not sure yet what to do with it, but i'll figure it out.