zondag 28 juni 2009

b-day girl

Even though my birthday was on thursday, my family came over on saturday eve to celebrate.

I am really happy with all my presents and felt like a genuine birthday girl!

I spent most of my day preparing and doing things i always do on saturdays: groceries, clean the house, bake cakes. That last thing i havent done for ages but i am planning on doing that more often!

We sat outside for a while and the cats always join us by sitting inside in front of the window. Today they looked even cuter than usually. Chinta looked like sphynx and Chickie was looked adorabla between the (dead, lol) flowers.

The boyfriend hurt his back today, poor him! he can barely move now, which is driving him crazy. i hope he will get better soon, especially since in 10 days we will go to Paris for the weekend!

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