maandag 29 juni 2009

Regular Monday

Today was a regular monday. I had to go to work. Because the boyfriend hurt his back, he was not going to work at the usual time, which is very early. Therefore i decided that i could take my time too, and i left later than usual. Of course, i got stuck in a traffic jam on the bridge

It was kind of foggy, i always like that, it looks so mysterious.
I spent all day at work, preparing my poster for the congress next week. I finally have a good idea of how to do it, so i am sure i will finish it in time!

After work i went to the gym for my spinning class. even though it wasn't that hot inside, i still sweat like a men! But it was a good work out.

I had spinach with mashed potatoes and fishfingers for dinner, together with a glass of wine, delicious!!

After that i just did some cleaning up and now i will only do some ab-excercises and then i'm ready for bed!

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