zondag 31 januari 2010

Daisy Do Zen: Evaluation

Somewhere in December I made up the Daisy Do focus of the month series. Let’s review the first focus: Daisy Do Zen. I know it has been a long month, but with the holidays and me being all lazy and all (and busy, but I don’t consider that an excuse: you have to make time for stuff), it just took me a little longer to evaluate how it went.

In short, I liked yoga but was not so much into meditation. When I tried to meditate I either got distracted and ended up daydreaming or I fell asleep. So, unless meditation is the same as daydreaming it did not really work. But… there is a variant that does work and that is when I practice yoga or sometimes when I am stretching after working out. My mind does go kind of blank at those times and I am just focusing on how my body feels and being in the present. So, I guess that meditation and yoga are sort of the same thing for me.

I enjoyed doing yoga. It relaxes me and I like what it does for my flexibility. I still think it is pretty hard to do and I am really bad at it, as you can judge by my version of the downward dog here:


I do have a spectator though hahaha!

I really do no like that pose at all! It comes back way too often during yoga sessions and it hurts my arms. However, I think that the injury in my shoulders that I was developing didn’t really help with that either. During my last sessions I exchanged the downward dogs for child’s pose but with my arms next to my legs. I really like that position! I also like sun salutations and warrior pose.

In conclusion, I am going to keep practicing yoga. I think it is a great addition to my overall work out schedule. Some days I don’t feel like an intense cardio class or lifting weights. Or I shouldn’t do any of those to prevent overtraining. But getting a nice relaxing stretch is something I can do those days…as you can see I am not really into the poweryoga stuff yet.

I am currently not doing yoga, to protect my shoulders until I now what is wrong exactly and what helps curing it and what does not. But as soon as it gets better I will pick it up again. I hope to show you a better downward facing dog in the future!

Stay tuned to see what my new Focus of the month will be…

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