dinsdag 12 januari 2010

Exercise stats

I love having overviews of things: making tables, calculating averages etc. Yes, I know…I am a nerd…as most bloggers, lol!

I used to track my workout on Breaking the Tape, but I changed to a Google spreadsheet this year, because Breaking the Tape is mainly convenient for running, biking and other sports that have a mileage.  But you can’t do much with it when you do other sports. I am still working on showing my workouts on this blog again.

But anyway, here are some stats of my workouts from the end of July until December 31th 2009:

  • I cycled 50k – that could me a lot more…
  • I walked 25k – … let’s not compare that to 2008 when I trained for an event and walked about 500k plus 200k for the event itself.
  • I ran 130k – Go me! I am so proud of that! I ran 32 times, which is amazing because I have never run in my entire life!

In total, I did 90 workouts in 5 months, which is about 1 workout every other day! I spent quite some time in the gym:

  • 4 hours of swimming – I picked up swimming with a friend from college. We’re not swimming fast, but it is fun.
  • 3 spinning classes – fell off the spinning wagon, I guess I got a bit bored with that class, and there were so many other fun things:
  • 12 hours of Zumba – I love it!
  • 17 hours of Body Combat – my new addiction
  • 13 hours of Body Pump – I like being a girl with some strength.

I am looking forward to see how I do in the next months. I have to be a bit careful, because I think my new addiction has screwed up my shoulders a bit. I will have to take it easy a bit for a couple of weeks to see if they heal by themselves.

I’ll be back soon with a full recap of my focus of the month!

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