vrijdag 2 juli 2010

Cheating throughout the Century – part 2

So there I was, feeling tired and totally overwhelmed by the part of the course that was still left. I totally felt like quitting and going home, but on the other hand I really wanted to continue, i just didn’t know how. The Boyfriend asked me what I wanted and I told him that I really wanted to arrive at the next rest stop. That would be the farthest point of that lap anyway. Then he told me that the next stop wasn’t that far away anymore and that could totally make it. In the end he got me motivated to get on my bike again and peddle on. He pulled over at the first possibility that we could meet (because cars were not allowed everywhere) and encouraged me to peddle the last few miles. Thanks Boyfriend!


And I made it feeling so much better!! I still felt totally incapable of cycling over all the hills that were left though.


So, we came up with a plan. I was just going to take it easy, change the course a bit to avoid the higher hills…. Major cheating involved here! LOL

One last big sip and off I was for the last part of the bike ride


I left the course for a while to make a few short cuts and I followed the signs for another distance. I still concurred several hills, but probably not as big as they should have been. But hey, whatever! In the end my goals was to finish a 100k bike ride alive and I was soooo going to make that! The last part of I took it really easy so I had some energy left finish strong by bike the last few k’s  in the tail of a small biker group.

And then, finally, there it was: The finish!!!


I was soooo happy and relieved that it was finally over!! The Boyfriend got me flowers, how sweet!! That is what I am trying to grab in the previous picture by the way.


In the back of the picture you see the area where you could park your bike. There were really nice bikes there! My bike is about 25 years old I think, and among all those fancy bikes it looked really ‘retro’. A colleague has a road bike as well, and her sponsor got her a retro bike, which means a brand new one, but it looks like an older model. So I just started calling my bike ‘retro’ as well. I think I was the only person with the gears-changing thingies still on the frame!

Inside they had a screen playing the soccer match (Holland played in the world cup that day) so I left the Boyfriend there with a well deserved beer and went looking for a shower. Showers were really cold, a little disappointing because I was craving a hot shower. So I got dressed quickly, got the Boyfriend another beer and stood in line for the free massages. Yes you heard me right, free massages. They had physical therapy students who massaged your legs and or your back. And they did so thoroughly!! And I was lucky the line wasn’t so long. I got a really nice massage, that was supposed to help get the blood flowing in my legs and help to get rid of the waste in my muscles. It was amazing! I can gladly tell you that it totally worked because I did not have muscles aches at all. My legs felt tired and stiff for a couple of days but that was it!

After that we loaded the bike back in the car, drove home and had lots of French fries! I know, I know, not very healthy, but it was the only thing I was craving.

Look, I even got a diploma listing all the hills I rode was supposed to ride over LOL


Thanks again, Boyfriend, for being with me that day. I wouldn’t have finished without you!

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