vrijdag 16 juli 2010

Fitness Goals

Hi! I am back again! Today I will talk to you about my new fitness goals. So here we go:


I want to participate in a 5k on September 12th. My goal is to run the thing (way) under 30 min, finally. My other goal is to have as much summer fun as possible!


Speed training
Do interval and speed training to get faster, a couple of times a week. I was doing a 5k-10k program, but only running the sprintinterval lessons. But I think those are too intense for me. I am going to stick with a shorter version and include ‘long’ runs.

Get those abs back
Do short core workouts after runs. Not being able to follow classes at the gym for several months left me with no abs at all. I will also be doing ab exercises in most of my gym classes.

Summer fun
It is summer and I want to have fun, so I want to be active most days. I’d like to go outside more, but also just do a lot of different things. This means that I can’t exhaust myself with endurance training too much because it makes me need too many rest days. Another reason I don’t do this, is because I don’t want to strain myself too much because of my injury and my previous exercise burn-out. I will be alternating intense with less intense workouts. I will also mix things up. I have to because I cannot attend my regular classes, so I am just going to make the best out of it.

Relax, take it easy
Listen to my body and adapt workouts. Especially when it comes to my shoulders, but also if I am just tired and sometimes or if it is just too hot. It’s been hot here for a few weeks now. I look like this after every workout:


I am not sure if you can tell, but that is a lot of sweat!

So I only run in early mornings and I take walking breaks when needed. My heart rate really goes up with this heat and I struggle a lot, so I am not going to force myself.
After summer I will probably get crazy busy as I am setting in for my final sprint towards the end of my PhD. I am using this summer to catch up as much as I can, so there will be only the stuff left that I cannot work on yet. I am also using this summer to lower my stress level as much as I can. I want to incorporate yoga and meditation in my routine, so one of the classes I will be attending is Body Balance, a class with a mix of tai chi, yoga and pilates. I may also do yoga at home, like I did in my Daisy Do Zen challenge if I don’t feel like an hour long class.

That’s it, I think. Check my Exercise Log – the link is in the side bar – for my schedule and to find out what I have actually done. I change my schedule quite a lot, depending on how I feel and if things come up (I do like my social life).

Ok, I’m off. Finishing my tea while I try to figure out how to get Live Writer to understand that I have a new blog look. Then I have to finish some more work.

‘Till next time!

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