woensdag 30 september 2009

Passing the flame

Yes! Internet is working again! Here is what I wrote yesterday.

Hello! Saturday was a busy day for me! Sunday was kind of busy too, but now I finally have some time to blog.
Saturday started off with Aunt-nieces day. My mom has one sister who has two daughters and a sun. A while ago, we decided that we should get together, all the girls in the family. Aunt-nieces day was born! My sister planned the whole day, and she did a fantastic job!

We went to a workshop on making glass beads! You know, those glass beads that make such pretty necklaces and bracelets etc. the place where the workshop was held was called  Passing the Flame. It is in a small village not far away.

This is the burner we used. The coloured rods are the glass rods are used for my bracelet.


My mom making a bead. The flame was 900C!! It would go all orange/yellow when the glass melted. But we had to wear purple safety glasses so it would protect you eyes and you wouldn’t be bothered by the coloured flame.

You had to heat the glass so it would melt, then you used another steel rod to wrap the glass around it. To keep/make it round you had to keep turning the rod around. So it involved a lot of turning


My cousin is rocking the purple glasses!


This is my aunt wrapping the green glass around the other rod.


If you zoom in you see the red glowing glass around the rod. In this picture my cousin is about to add another layer of black glass to it (with some help of the instructor). It was also possible to use different colours in one bead, or making patterns like dots etc.


Here I am, working on my beads.


And another one where you can see that I am actually doing something, lol! Sorry for the bad pictures, but I noticed that I don’t feature a lot of pictures of myself on the blog and I always love seeing pictures of other authors on their blogs. So I thought I’d just share the only two that were made of me that day.

We had a lot of fun making the beads. At first I thought it was quite difficult, but after lunch I finally got the hang of it! Now, I don’t want to imply that I made the perfect bead! To be honest, none of them was even perfectly round! But since I am a bit allergic to the word perfect, that’s ok.

These are all the end results together! My bracelet is on the arm with the purple sleeve at the bottom.

After the workshop we went for drinks and dinner in the village where to workshop was too. We had a great time, talking and bringing up memories.
After dinner we all went home again. Because my aunt lives so far away, we did not want to stay out very late. We are definately going to repeat this event!

I finally got home around 9pm, but then I had to just change my shirt, comb my her, spray a little perfume, grab the boyfriend and the present and out the door I was again! We headed to a friend’s birthday. We spent the rest of the evening there, talking and having drinks. At midnight everybody was going into town, but we headed home. I have been feeling exhausted for a couple of weeks now (hence my lack of posts too), and I did not want to waste the little bit of sleep I caught up going to bed early and taking powernaps after work. I don’t know about you, but I am really bad at staying up late. I can, but if I do, I feel horrible for almost a week!

Okay, so that was my saturday folks! I’ll be back with more soon, but now I really have to get to work.

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