dinsdag 29 september 2009

This blog is temporarily unavailable

Sorry guys! I have two posts almost ready to upload, but there have been some technical problems. Let me explain: we have a server which provides internet to a PC and a laptop. The laptop does not understand my camera so I have to use the PC if I want to write a post that involves pictures. Unfortunately our server crashed this weekend. The boyfriend totally freaked out..uhm, I mean, managed to fix the whole thing again. But somehow the PC does not understand the internet connection anymore. So now I am stuck with a PC that disconnects and reconnects every 3 secs or so. Try uploading the pictures of the-cool-bracelet-you-really-want-to-show-everybody-because-you-are0so-proud-of-it-and-also-managed-to-not-hurt-yourself-in-the-process!

But the Boyfriend has today and tomorrow off, and since it is impossible for him to game in a decent way I guess the problem will be solved pretty soon.

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