vrijdag 6 november 2009

Hospital visit

Today we went to the hospital and it was hilarious! Just for the record, I don’t consider hospitals very funny, just how things are going when you need to go there for some tests. We went there because the Boyfriend has something with his hands and we want to find out what it is.

Expected course of events today:
Arrive at hospital. Wait in waitingroom of rheumatology for our turn. Talk to doctor about the problem. Doctor tells us what is going on and what can be done about it. Go home.

Real course of events:
Arrive at hospital. Wait for appointment at rheumatology. Talk to physician assistant about the problem. She asks many questions and then ‘could you please undress yourself?’. Physical examination to assess mobility in all his joints. Physician assistant feels every single bone boyfriend just said that hurts. Poor guy. Physician assistant consults with the doctor. Doctor comes to look at the boyfriend. Doctor is confused. Need to get x-rays and blood test. New appointment in 3 weeks when all test results are in and physician assistant returns from her holiday. Go to secretary for new appointment and forms for x-rays and tests. X-ray scheduled in 5 min. Go to radiology. Wrong form, form is for another hospital. Secretary from radiology cannot do anything. Go back to rheumatology and ask for right form. Back to radiology. Wait forever because all people that were in line behind us, are now first. Get X-rays. Get coffee. Go to blood test department. Realize form is missing. Search form. Back to rheumatology because the secretary accidently kept the form when we returned form radiology. Return to blood test department. Computer keeps giving errors. Secretary has to fill another form out by hand. Receive cup for the boyfriend to pee in. Boyfriend to toilet. Wait for turn. Get blood taken. Go home.

Phew! We were exhausted after that. And we still have to wait for 3 weeks to get the results and prey that they will know what it is.

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