woensdag 18 november 2009

Things that unleash blind rage in me #1

Look what they did! Again!!

IMG013  IMG014 IMG015

I said again, because this is the third time in 2 years…and it was in different locations so it’s not that I park in some kind of wacko neighbourhood. And no, I did not leave my navigation in plain view…I don’t even own one, I can find my way around perfectly fine without someone yelling that I need to turn around as soon as I can.

Anyway, I am clearly very pissed off about that. However, I also find it somewhat hilarious. The idiots who did this did more damage than the other two times together and they did not even manage to get in!
They tried to lift the window from the rubbers first, using scissors. You can see the huge scratch that left in the second picture and in the third you can see why it failed…the scissors broke bahaha! I had several pieces of scissors stuck between the rubber and the glass.
Then they tried the lock (first picture), which again resulted in a nice deep scratch and a broken lock. But…the scissors broke again, lol! So now there is still a piece inside, which is good because it blocks the lock untill I can get it fixed. I can’t even open that side of the car using my key haha!

I am very very happy that I upgraded my insurance when I got this car a year ago. The first two times this happened, insurance did not cover the damage, so I could only have the lock replaced and just get used to the scratches (those scratches were not as bad). But now they will replace the lock, replace the black plastic and repaint the whole door for free!

I just really don’t understand why people feel the need to do these kind of things. It just causes a lot of damage and nobody gains a thing. I never leave anything of value in my car, and you can’t easily start it without a key. It’s unfair and they should just keep away from my stuff! If I ever catch someone doing this with my or someone else’s car…hm, I better not say out loud what I would do with them.

Ok, you guys. I have vented a bit, feeling less angry now. Tell me about the things that enfuriate you.

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