zondag 14 maart 2010

100 things I like

I think that we spend way too little time thinking about the things that we enjoy in life. I sure have those days that everything just seems so blah. That is why I made up a list of 100 things that make me happy. The list consists of simple everyday things that put a smile on my face.

  1. Sunshine
  2. Latin music
  3. Warmth
  4. Fireplaces
  5. Exercise
  6. Good food
  7. Cats, my cats in particular
  8. Sleep
  9. Dancing
  10. Toast with cheese
  11. Vivid dreams
  12. Reaching a goal
  13. Being well rested
  14. Hot chocolate after being in the cold
  15. Beaches
  16. English
  17. Water
  18. Reading a book
  19. Burritos
  20. A hot cup of tea
  21. Hugs
  22. Foot massages
  23. Doing something nice for someone else
  24. Being healthy
  25. Back massages
  26. The Boyfriend
  27. Spinach
  28. Picknicks
  29. Spinach
  30. Being with friends
  31. Driving a car
  32. Running
  33. Clean sheets on my bed
  34. Flowers
  35. An unexpected day off
  36. Spending the entire day in your pajamas
  37. Baking a cake
  38. Looking at the stars
  39. Watching mindless tv
  40. A kiss
  41. Surprises
  42. Painted fingernails
  43. Watching a movie
  44. Old jazz songs
  45. Good memories
  46. Slowdancing with my guy
  47. Lounging in my boyfriend’s sweater
  48. Making me look pretty
  49. Wine
  50. Trying new recipes
  51. Breakfasts
  52. Write
  53. Daydream
  54. Hammocks
  55. Spanish
  56. Old fashioned Jazz music, like from Ella Fitzgerald
  57. Chocolate
  58. Pretending I am really strong
  59. Reorganizing closets
  60. Going on a long bike ride
  61. Sweaty workouts
  62. Making lists
  63. Baking pies etc.
  64. Whirlpools
  65. Being outside
  66. Eating with chop sticks
  67. Seeing the positive side off everything
  68. Helping someone
  69. Listening to stories and life lessons of old people
  70. Treating myself to something small, like a specialty coffee.
  71. Receiving and sending personalized mail
  72. Doing research on something
  73. Sewing clothes
  74. Bright colors
  75. Book stores
  76. Words, especially idiomatic phrases and weird sayings
  77. Spending time with my family
  78. Shiny things
  79. Chicklits
  80. Watching the clouds
  81. Sitting in a tent when it rains
  82. Taking pictures
  83. Psychology
  84. Purple and blue
  85. Chatting with friends
  86. When I see that someone has actually read some of the blabbing I do on this blog
  87. Shopping
  88. Taking a shower
  89. Starting on a new, different bodylotion, shampoo or whatever
  90. Candles
  91. Cactus
  92. Wearing sunglasses
  93. German
  94. Wearing white clothes
  95. my car
  96. Doing things the old fashioned way, even when it takes more time
  97. Learning new life hacks that make my life easier or more efficient
  98. Putting on my favorite sweat pants after a long day at work
  99. Drinking green monsters
  100. Actually being able to think of 100 things I like without repeating myself (I hope).

Phew! That was hard! But it was fun to do! So what do you like? Let me know if you make a list!

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