zondag 28 maart 2010

Peanut butter love: Weekly review

Hi everyone! I thought it would be nice to start a weekly journal on the blog. Since I don’t see daily stories on my whereabouts in combination with some more in-depth pieces, I thought it would be nice to not make that my goal (yet). I would love to be able to do that at some point, but for now that goal is out of reach, but that is ok. But, what I can do, is review each week on Sunday eve and highlight some things. So here we go:

First working day after my holiday, gave me new energy to kick some butt in my projects. Surprise: I got a new computer! Just like that, out of the clear blue sky the computer guys decided that our room was getting new computers. Really cool that they changed the policy on computer replacements at work. My desk is in the flex workers and interns room and we get all the hand me downs from the ‘real’ employees. But now we have the newest ones of the department!

Weird day where I found myself running around from appointment to appointment, having accomplished very little by the end of the day. Also got some very sad news…my parents’ cat died. He was only 8 months old, and they had had him for just 3 when he got hit by a car. Poor thing, but he really enjoyed it outside (he escaped once, and since then it resulted impossible to keep him inside). Here is Patser:  




Patser is Dutch and is said to someone who shows of his courage, sturdiness and toughness. He got the name because that cat was not afraid of anything! House remodels, fireworks, dogs, whatever. He would just check it out curiously.

Humpday….man, that hump was big today!! Tough day at work, tough time at physiotherapy, and a tough at the gym.

Still not doing so well. Feeling horribly tired, but I finally figured out that that is because I sleep so bad as a result of my hay fever. It affects my lungs (new symptom this year) and I feel like I don’t get enough oxygen.

Finally doing better! And…I have  a new love in my life: Banana oatmeal with peanut butter! I had it before but found myself craving it this morning. I used to top my oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins. I had tried peanut butter before but did not like it very much. I guess it grew on me because now i find it delicious!

Finally weekend! Did the standard things: groceries, catch up with the household. Nothing really special here.

Thursday it was waffle day (don’t ask me where I got that from, I don’t remember), but I had no time to do something with it. So today I decided to give waffles a new try. Do you remember my last try at making waffles? Well, this time the result was still not good, but at least it looked a little like a waffle. Because it was still not really edible, I ended up making pancakes with the rest of the batter. A fun thing to do: waking up your boyfriend who has a very fuzzy mind in the morning, and tell him you made waffle pancakes for breakfast. :D

Have a good night!

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