zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Daisy Do: Glow!

Hi guys! I am back with a new focus of the month, as promised. Curious about what it is? Well, read on…

This week I noticed that lately I have not been looking my best. Dark circles underneath my eyes, pale dry skin, more zits than I normally have. I am going to a lot of stress at work right now (but it’s almost over) and I guess the exhaustion I am feeling at the end of most days is showing. My skin is not shining, it looks dull and I scared myself when looking in the mirror a few times this week: I look like I have died! Well, it surely isn’t that bad, but it IS time that I start doing something about it.

Introducing: Daisy Do Glow!


Daisy Do Glow!


My last challenge was quite simple: just drink less coffee and try to sleep enough. This new project will involve a few more aspects and it is partially based on Project Glow from Angela over at Oh She Glows. I have quite a sensitive skin, and I am sure it can’t handle daily scrubs. In addition, we don’t have all the skin care brands they have in Canada. So here’s the plan:

1. Face rituals: Clean face every night with mild cucumber cleaning milk. Apply night cream before going to bed. In the morning use day cream as usual. Scrub face once or  twice a week.

2. Hydrate: Drink more water! What I liked about the last challenge is that I started grabbing water more often. Because I do like my tea I am not going to make myself drink 2 liters a day for now. But 1L would be nice. The plan is to fill up a measuring cup with the required amount and drink it during the day. At work I will use water bottles.

3. Sleep: This time I am more serious about getting the right amount of sleep. I will try to stick to 8 hours a night. If needed I will have a powernap during the day.

4. Food: What you eat and drink also influences how your skin looks. I have not been drinking many green monsters anymore. Since they seem to do miracles when it comes to making your skin glow, I will go back to drinking one every day. I will also keep limiting the amount of coffee I drink and exchange black tea for green tea and herbal tea more often. I don’t eat a lot of junkfood, but I will watch out for that too.

So there you go, the plan for the next 4 weeks, starting today! I had my green monster and am halfway my 1L water and I also slept over 8 hours last night. I will leave you with the before picture of my face. Not sure how much you can tell about the condition of my skin from it, but it sure does show how tired I am. Ugh!


That is one ugly photo of me! But hey, I am all about showing reality on this blog. I don’t like hiding things, pretending nothing is ever wrong in my life. But of course I like showing off when things áre good! For example, when we went all fancy to the opera a while ago, or cheering on myself after my first race.

Ok, I am off doing stuff, be back later!

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