zondag 21 maart 2010

A break at the beach

Hello everyone! Here I am again! I am trying to increase the amount of posts on this blog because I am trying to be a good blogger (lol) and having a short vacation really helps to do so. Let’s hope that I can keep it up, once I get back to work. But my time off has given me some ideas on topics to write about, so stay tuned for more random rambling by yours truly interesting stories from the life of Oxidaisy.


A while ago I gave the Boyfriend a dinner in his favorite restaurant as a present for his birthday. Because it is an hour and half drive to the restaurant, it included spending the night there too. Me having a week off of work gave us the perfect opportunity to go!
Wednesday left for Scheveningen, happily escaping the horrible noise the construction workers have been making for the past two weeks in our building.


Scheveningen is a village on the coast, right next to The Hague, an important city of the Netherlands.


We checked into the B&B first. The hostess was a really nice, she actually drove with us to a free parking space (what? we are Dutch, we are cheap) that was a little hard to locate. Then she dropped us off at the beach. It felt so good to be at the beach again! We had a drink to celebrate our little trip.
The weather was good: kind of sunny and not so freaking cold anymore! I went for a nice walk on along the shore,  while the Boyfriend played with his kite.


For dinner we went to a Japanese restaurant. It is not cheap but the food is really really good. We sat together with some other people at a table. Each table has a baking tray and a cook comes and cooks your food – an 8 course menu – in front of you. It is really fun to look at the cook preparing dinner. They use all these spectacular tricks when cutting and seasoning the food and there is almost always at least one person who gets something that involves flaming the food.
And then there is the always fun part where they start throwing omelet at the guests: They use two spatulas to shoot a piece of omelet in a nice curve towards the guest who has to catch it in his or her mouth. If you fail, they try again. That is the easy part, but then….they pick one person at the table for the next phase: the cook launches the omelet parts in a straight line towards that one person. The parts go really fast so it is impossible to catch them in your mouth. And even if you would manage, you would probably choke in it, lol! And this time…I was the lucky person! Of course you try to catch them, but I ended up with egg on my cheeks and in my eyelashes, bahaha! You get laughed at by the whole table (including my oh so dear Boyfriend, but that is Japanese humor, so I did not mind and just laughed my ass off as well. All in all, we had a lot of fun and the food was very very good.


We were pretty tired after spending the afternoon at the beach followed by 3 hours at the restaurant, so we walked back to our room and watched some TV before calling it a night. I don’t know about you, but I am often exhausted after days like this, so I tend to go to bed early. Boring huh? Haha.

The next morning we had a lovely breakfast waiting for us. The hostess was not there and we had the whole house to ourselves. I woke up early, so I decided to go on a run and let the Boyfriend sleep in. I ran across the boulevard and ended up on the beach. Because the tide was low I decided to run along the shoreline. It was my first run ever on a beach! It was so lovely! The sun was shining, it wasn’t cold at all, the wind wasn’t very strong yet and the sound of the waves was really soothing. And the run really kick started my appetite.


After breakfast we packed our stuff and then left for the beach again. First we did some windowshopping on the boulevard. They had a cute store with chinese stuff. Then we went back to the same bar/restaurant we were yesterday. I guess we really liked it!
We spent the first half of the afternoon there. They had fires lit outside and together with some sunshine it made a for a lovely lounging place on benches covered in pillows. We had lunch there and we read for a long while.


Then we wanted to do something, so we went on the beach. The Boyfriend had some fun with his kite, though not too much because the wind was acting strange. I just hung around a bit, reading and watching the kite. A couple of hours later I was freezing, so went back for some hot tea by one of the fires inside. Man, that was cozy and hot!

P2150034 P2150035

By the end of the afternoon we got our stuff and started on our trip back home. We had dinner at McD. I love healthy food, but once in a while it does feel good to eat fastfood! I wish we had more choices, like in th e US. In Holland we are stuck with McD, Burger King and a sporadic KFC.

So that’s it, folks! I am leaving you with a pic of some relaxing I did today, on my last day of vacation. After going for a run I finally took some time to lie down with a relaxing mask. I hope it won’t cause y’all bad dreams now…Bye!


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