donderdag 4 maart 2010

Daisy Do No Coffee Recap

Hello! Here I am again. Had a very busy month. At times it even was exhausting, so the no coffee challenge turned out to be a tough challenge at times..

The first two weeks I did really well. It felt a little bit weird at first, but after my 2 coffees I just grabbed water instead. My stomach certainly appreciated that! After the first week I could not treat myself to a ‘nice’ coffee because I had several appointments that day. The second week I went to a congress on Friday, so I decided to treat myself on a hazelnut latte on Thursday. I deserved it by then…. Overall I drank 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day, except for weekends.

But the second half of the month is when it got hard! Valentine’s day was not as romantic as it was supposed to be, because we got some bad news. I was quite upset and got really little sleep that night, so on Monday I felt like a zombie all day. I had 4 (!!!) coffee…so much for my challenge haha. But I did quite well the rest of the week. However, no special treat for me!

The last week was even worse… I was totally stressed out because work was messy. Monday I had 3 coffee, Tuesday I don’t remember but probably too many. Thursday I was exhausted (but less stressed :P) and had too much coffee as well…

So, in conclusion…I am perfectly capable of living on small amounts of coffee on regular days. The first two weeks I thought the challenge was way too easy, I could have gone without coffee! But as soon as I am too stressed out or tired I can’t resist the urge to drink sweet strong bad tasting coffee that gives me a kick so I can handle things better.

All in all I will try to keep up with drinking less coffee. I feel better when I don’t and I like drinking more water. I also plan on getting myself treats more often, especially when I finish something important without overloading on caffeine in the process.

Stay tuned…I have started a new Daisy Do challenge this month. Details will follow. But now I just want to get home.  I am on the road now, having dinner at McDonalds all by my lonesome after a late work thing.

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