woensdag 19 mei 2010

Chronicles of a PhD candidate: part I


Just about 30 weeks to go until The Book is supposed to be ready. I write a post-it each week and stick it on my desk to remind me that the end is near. :P

The week started of bad because the coffee creamer was still nonexistent on our floor. I was forced to get my own coffee (I am the only one using creamer) on the floor below us. That floor is really creepy with all the grey colours (ours is yellow) and you never see anyone there. I could go to the floor above us, but they were out of creamer as well.

Later that week I had a phone call from my prof who, as always, talks in riddles. It is always a challenge to find out what he is expecting of me. Usually he’s very surprised that I did X (which I was supposed to have finished weeks ago) and assumes that I have done Y (something that hasn’t even made it to my to-do list yet). But I managed to make him think I am right on schedule and really know what I am doing. We are meeting next week, so I have until then to come up with some proof.

Other good things this week: I had Thursday off because of a holiday. Friday was couch potato day work from home day, because the university was closed that day as well.

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