donderdag 6 mei 2010

Daisy Do Read: evaluation

Another month has passed by. And wow, was April ever fast! It is time to look back at last month’s challenge: Daisy Do Read, and see how I did.


Daisy Do Read!




Until April 30th I was to try to:

- read for half an hour each working day;

- read for an hour each day on weekends.

I must admit that it turned out quite the challenge, because I noticed that once I am in bed I tend to fall asleep after 15 min of reading. So much for reading 30 min in bed. However, I also started reading 5-10 min during breakfast. The hour on weekend days turned out to be 10 min one day and over 2 hours the other day.

I read the following books:

  • Half of: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  • I started Alice in Wonderland
  • I am halfway Around the World in 80 dates by Jennifer Cox
  • It’s on my list: a book about a girl who tries to fulfil the bucketlist of another girl who died in an accident they both were in.
  • some chicklit
  • some other chicklit.

Hmm, I notice a crazy tendency to read multiple books at the same time…

In the end, what do I think of the challenge?
I think it was a success because I really formed a habit. I always consider reading when deciding what to do and I have started craving it again. I am really happy that reading books is back in my life again!

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