maandag 5 april 2010

Manic days: Weekly Review

Just another manic monday…wish it was sunday, ‘cause that is my fun day… That old Bangles song was very applicable. I have a crazy busy work schedule until the end of the year. But my bosses decided to give me another project to work on, yay! Well, I guess I have no choice, bahaha.

A colleague came to show off her 5 week old baby, how cute! I am not that into babies etc, but this one sure was adorable! I also discovered an allergy for soy. Since I don’t like cow’s milk very much I decided to try soy milk in my green monster. But, that little experiment left me with a lot of itches and a swollen throat…. But I am glad I know now, because soy is probably what has been molesting me with itches during winters when there are no pollen etc.

Physiotherapy was hard because I had a relapse last week. But I am hopeful that next week I will feel a lot better! The rest of the day was pretty average.

I felt so exhausted today! And again, my chest feels funny and I can’t breathe very well.

A Holiday! I definitely needed that day off! I just chilled for most of the day. Friday night we went to my brother’s Bday pary. Oh, and I went to the library and got some fun chicklits to read!

Today was also the end of the Daisy Do Glow challenge but I decided to extend it for another week or so. I have been making some progress ! But my soy allergy caused an outbreak on my skin and my difficulty breathing does not help me getting enough sleep. Be prepared though for my new challenge!

I was supposed to meet some girlfriends from high school today, but the whole get together got cancelled last minute. I went shopping instead. I am in desperate need for some underwear but even after trying on a gazillion different bras I still didn’t find one that fit me well. I think I should get fitted or something, because my body is not shaped that weird that I wouldn’t be able to find a bra that fits :P

Happy Easter everyone! Today was a very relaxed day. Didn’t do much. Went for a run with the Boyfriend and we watched several episodes of House together.

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