zaterdag 17 april 2010

Daisy Do Glow: recap

And finally it is time to see my Glow challenge went.

I must admit that it went pretty well! My skin went from pale, dry and with red spots and zits to not so pale, not so dry and fairly even. I think the turn around point was after about two weeks. However, I had a minor setback as a result of my allergies.

So what was the plan again?

1. Face rituals: Clean face every night with mild cucumber cleaning milk. Apply night cream before going to bed. In the morning use day cream as usual. Scrub face once or  twice a week.

2. Hydrate: Drink more water! What I liked about the last challenge is that I started grabbing water more often. Because I do like my tea I am not going to make myself drink 2 liters a day for now. But 1L would be nice. The plan is to fill up a measuring cup with the required amount and drink it during the day. At work I will use water bottles.

3. Sleep: This time I am more serious about getting the right amount of sleep. I will try to stick to 8 hours a night. If needed I will have a powernap during the day.

4. Food: What you eat and drink also influences how your skin looks. I have not been drinking many green monsters anymore. Since they seem to do miracles when it comes to making your skin glow, I will go back to drinking one every day. I will also keep limiting the amount of coffee I drink and exchange black tea for green tea and herbal tea more often. I don’t eat a lot of junkfood, but I will watch out for that too.

I did my face rituals best: I cleaned and hydrated my face almost every night and scrubbed once or twice a week. The water drinking part was a little harder, I think I averaged half a liter a day. Sleep was pretty good but the number of hours varied a lot. But I think that I slept more than I used to. Going to bed just a little earlier really helps. I also have been drinking Green Monsters at least four times a week. I feel so energetic when I do that!

So, overall we can call this challenge a success!

Here is to scare you again freshen up your memory of how I looked a little over a month ago:


I took that picture early in the morning, with flash (that was not really working for me at that point) and I was feeling plain exhausted.

And here is the after picture of this morning:P3160013

I cheated a little bit, because this one was taken without flash. But it does show way more improvement than can be accounted for by the flash. (I hope).

Okay, so now I have embarrassed myself more than enough with all those pictures of me in the early morning, without any make up or hairdo whatsoever. But to be hones, I do go outside without make up and hair fixed if I feel like it. Not to work, but definitely to the grocery store. How about you?

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