dinsdag 6 april 2010

Daisy Do Read!

Hellooooo! New month, new challenge. I know I have yet to give you a recap of the previous challenge, but I wanted to start with the new one anyway.

Daisy Do Glow will continue for about a week. My little soy allergy left my skin completely messed up again. But as soon as that gets better I will make the ‘after’ picture and give a full recap. But I can already tell you that it did make a difference!

On to the new challenge. One of my favorite hobbies is reading, but after reading most of the books in the library as a kid and teenager something changed. When I started university, I also started reading less and less. Nowadays, I do most of my reading during vacations and holidays.
I want to pick up the habit of reading every day again. Primarily because it is fun, but also because it is very relaxing for me. Lately I have been feeling a little burnt out and I really feel like I should slow down a little (or a lot) and make more time for fun and relaxing things in my life. Now, I could do a more elaborate challenge by saying that I have to read, but also do something fun and exciting every week. But I already know that I probably don’t have the energy for that. So, the new challenge will be nice and simple:


Daisy Do Read!




Until April 30th I will try to:

- read for half an hour each working day;

- read for an hour each day on weekends.

The last couple of days have been holidays for me. As I wrote before, I went to the library to pick up some books. And…I have actually started reading them! So the first few days of this month have been promising. Now let’s see if I can keep this up on regular days as well.

What kind of books do you like to read?
I like all kinds of books: but mostly I read chicklits (easy digestion, haha) and thrillers. I generally don’t like books about wars.

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