zondag 25 april 2010

Weekly review: Expedition to the South

So, let’s look at my week:

Monday was just as boring as ever, I hardly remember the day. My brother cancelled spinning class, so I decided to bail out as well, and have a rest day. I think I might have some issues with overtraining so I am going to take a step back on the exercise front for a couple of weeks and see how I feel. I will post about that soon.

Another day I don´t really remember,  I guess, it was a standard day. I really should make notes again, so I can remember the things I noticed. I only remember seeing another traffic light coming up on my way to work. They are really trying hard to double my commuting time.

My second week into strength training for my legs in the fitness room. On one side I like it, and feel like I can make a lot of progress, but on the other side it is boring and unsatisfying to do.

I decided to work from home for the rest of the week, so I spent today in my sweats, lovely!

Another day in my sweatpants. BUT…at night I went to a Zumba class! I keep forgetting how much fun they are! I had a blast, also because there were a lot of songs that remember me of my time in Costa Rica.

Today we went on an expedition to the South. The official plan was to go to a teaching institute to get some information about studies for a possible career path for the Boyfriend. We ended up having one of our weirdest expeditions ever.

You see, we like to go on road trips. If we go some place, we like to take the touristic route. We also see the funniest thing on the road!
First, we stuck with the plan and went straight to the college. We got stuck in traffic (on a Saturday, ugh!), but that was ok. There was supposed to be an open day at the college, but when we got there we saw nothing of that kind. We filled out a form and they promised us some coffee and then someone would come for us…Half an hour later we were still sitting in that hall without coffee. Then a woman came to get us and she talked a bit about the different studies. She led us to a room and we talked about what would be best suited for the Boyfriend. But the woman wasn’t enthusiastic about getting him on board at all! We also expected an information market, or try out classes or demonstrations, like on any open day.  But instead there was nothing… So we left quickly so we could have a big laugh outside. It was so weird!

We were superhungry. There was only one place to eat but it didn’t appeal to us. But there was a McDonalds close as well. At first we couldn’t find it (seriously, how hard can it be to find a huge yellow M on a pole), but when we finally arrived we saw this, located in between McD and a car dealer:


A giant statue of the former King of Pop! I thought it was hilarious.

After our lunch we went to a village close by to look for a bridge that had something to do with WWII (which is an obsession of the Boyfriend). We found several bridges but we are not sure if we found the right one, but it was fun looking for it though! Then we used a touristic route to go to another village on the way back home. We thought the name was funny, so we wanted to get coffee there. It was a really beautiful and sunny day so sat outside in the sun, it was lovely!

Later at night, I gave myself a nice pedicure while watching Move like Michael Jackson (how appropriate haha).


Today was another lovely day! I went for a run/walk in the morning and spend the rest of the day relaxing and not doing anything interesting, loved it!


What do you like to do on Sundays?

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