dinsdag 15 juni 2010

Camp Sunshine

Hello everyone! I have a great idea to get as much out of the summer months as possible. To be honest, it’s based on a Flylady thing, but I filled it in to my own taste.

For the whole summer we are going to camp! Not literally, but I am going to pretend that our apartment is a cabin and the goal is to have a lot of fun instead of spending the whole summer doing chores etc. Because I tend to say to myself: hey just finish all this and then you get to play I usually miss out on a lot of sun. Once I finally get to go outside the sun is often gone. I want to encourage myself to live a little bit more freely instead of my usual duty-calls attitude. Therefore, the name of the camp is Camp Sunshine! Here’s the idea:

I do go to work, but will try to make it more fun: go outside on my breaks. Maybe wear my bikini underneath my clothes to work, just because of the idea. When at home, the Boyfriend and I quickly do the basic things that need to be done and then every day there is a camp activity.

Camp activities can be anything, as long as they are fun. They can range from a walk in the park or eating on the balcony to a full day out. The Boyfriend and I made up a huge list of stuff we like to do that are fun during summer (good and bad weather), so we won’t be like ‘I don’t know what to do!’ when we finally get to doing something fun after a long day of work.

Here are our/my camp activities so far:

4-6: lunch outside during my lunch break at work. Enjoy the sun!
5-6: visit the smallest city in the Netherlands (it has only 3 streets, but does have city rights!) which is very cute and old. The Boyfriend had never been there and I took him there as a surprise. He really liked the place too and we are planning to go there more often.






Will make more pictures to give a better view of the place next time!

We also bbq’d with my parents at night.

6-6 went on a bike ride to train. The weather was gorgeous so I really enjoyed it.
7-6 another bbq, but this time at work.
8-6 run in the rain. I was planning for another rest day after my tough workout on sunday, but I really felt like running. So I did! The last k it started to rain really really hard and I got soaked instantly! I was feeling hot because of the running so I didn’t mind and just enjoyed it walking home. People were finding shelter underneath a bridge and looked at me like I was crazy when I just continued, haha!
9-6 made myself a special breakfast, see my last post
10-6 I left all my household chores for what they were when I got home and just sat on the balcony reading for a while.
11-6 don’t remember!
12-6 sat outside and I made a trip to the library to get fresh books
13-6 another bike ride. I bailed out after 37k because I wasn’t feeling going further (physically), but I still had fun while it lasted. Also went to play pool downtown with the Boyfriend!
14-6 dinner on our balcony.

I will try to blog about future camp activities on a regular basis. There are some pretty awesome things on our list!

Got to go!

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