zondag 6 juni 2010

Chronicles of a PhD candidate: part IV


The week stared off in a horrible way. Monday I was forced to take the day off. There were some problems in the family I don’t want to talk about (done that enough in the last couple of days) which forced us to take care of some stuff. But the whole situation added up with the tiredness of last week plus sleep deprivation from my girls night out left me feeling like a ghost for the first half of the week. At first I was feeling guilty but later I decided that it was no use. What’s happened, has happened. So, I just tried to catch a little sleep and just take it from there. Luckily I worked from home Tuesday and Wednesday so that helped me to take it easy and recuperate.

Thursday it was off to the U. again. I spend most of the remaining two days alone, all my room mates seem to have vanished. But that was ok. I decided to divide my todo-list up into a whole lot of mini-tasks. I really felt sort of defeated the whole week and even though the mini-task list was 4 pages long, it gave me the courage to get started and keep going because I would be able to cross something off the list real soon.

The weather was gorgeous, so I spend several of my breaks outside, enjoying the sun. It is actually part of new game, but more about that later.

I ended up doing more than expected this week, including starting with most of the acquisition for my new, and last, study. Yay! Acquisition meant sending many e-mails that all said: Dear mr/mrs X. I am doing a study and would you please please please participate? It would be great because I really just need someone, anyone, I don’t care think you are very awesome and have a lot of useful stuff to say about the subject. Pretty please again? Daisy.

So, it wasn’t such an interesting week. I’ll try to make it sound better next week, haha.

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