woensdag 16 juni 2010

Control freak

I have to admit it: I am a control freak. And to be honest, I don’t mind! But sometimes it would be nice to be able to let go of things a bit more. For example, take this blog: I have committed myself to a lot of regular features already, and I still have a hard time putting up 1 post a week! Somehow that doesn’t really match, does it? The problem is that it always leaves me feeling guilty. For example, I was supposed to do an evaluation of my May- Daisy Do Challenge (it didn’t go as well as I hoped as you may have noticed) and start my June challenge (still no idea of what that could be) and I haven’t done a weekly review in weeks (some days are just not so interesting to talk about). I also am not up to date with my PhD chronicles (though last week was cool!) and I somehow would like to write about other things as well (about my Bucketlist for example). However, I already spend most of my workweek feeling like I am always behind and I don’t want my blog to become another one of these stressors.

So, I have decided to let go of the freakiness. Well, at least the control part of me being a freak and I am just going to change this blog a bit. I thought about what it should be: a place for me to put down my thoughts and document my life. I could also start a journal but online is much more fun, especially because it is easier to include pictures etc. I also thought about changing back to Dutch because of the journal-part. But I like writing in English and, don’t be offended now, I also prefer other people’s blogs in English. Somehow Dutch blogs are kind of boring, or maybe we Dutch people are just boring. Hmmm….that would explain why I still don’t have any readers that stick.

Anyway, from now on I will just write about whatever I feel like. The regular features will not be as regular anymore, but only when I feel like writing them. I am quite busy at work now and with the summer here I just want to have fun and enjoy (that is why I put up our Camp Sunshine), so I don’t feel like also adding challenges that help me in my personal growth. Letting go and just having fun is the best challenge I could give myself anyway.

By doing this I hope that blogging will become more fun for me, and really give me the opportunity to express myself. Phew, that feels so much better! So, now I am going to make myself another cup of tea and I may or may not decide to bake some muffins.

‘Till next time, folks! I am leaving you with a random picture again.

Sometimes I like to browse to my folders with pictures and I found a vacation picture of our camping trip to one of the Dutch isles (yes we have those) two years ago. We had a tiny tent and when it rained we were locked up in it, awful! But I do have fond memories of that trip. Here I was heating up soup outside in the drizzling rain.


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