zondag 6 juni 2010

Polar bear on the road

I wanted to do a post on my bike ride this weekend, but I didn’t take any pictures even though the whole trip was very beautiful. I guess I was focused too much on the biking to get off my bike and take pictures. It was a tough trip even though it started pretty good. I did over 75k and until 45k I felt great! From then it was downhill however, I kept slowing down and everything started to hurt. I was also running out of water and feeling dehydrated. Next time I really need to bring more or take more time to fill my bottles up on the road. After about 58k I was wasted. I called the Boyfriend and he gave me a peptalk, really making me believe that there were no hills coming up anymore. Even though the sign said 17, I ended up doing almost 20k to get home and there were a lot of hills, but luckily they weren’t as bad as when I biked on them coming from the other direction. And I made it home!

Instead of pics of today’s trip, I decided to entertain you with some pictures of animals I encountered on my way on other trips and some other random pics. One day the Boyfriend and I went out to get some coffee in a nice place and to see if we could see some lambs. Unfortunately they didn’t have little lambs anymore, but the sheep were still cute:




And isn’t my cappuccino served in a cute cup? It’s traditional Dutch china, I think it was especially seen on farms.


Two weeks ago I was on a bike trip and I saw a polar bear! Seriously, I stopped a while to rest a bit. There was a bench in the shade with a statue in front of it:


The plate on the said that it was from operation Polar bear or something like that, and had something to do with WWII.

That same weekend I was walking 20k with my brother and on some dyke we encountered this Mammoth! I have no idea what this statue was doing there, but it sure made me laugh.


Okay, that’s it!

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