woensdag 2 juni 2010

Chronicles of a PhD candidate: part II

29 weeks to go:


Meet Paul and Paul. This cute gayish couple is my new mascotte. The boyfriend shot them for me at the fair. Ok, he shot something else and then I could pick a prize. They had name tags which looked like not all the bears would have the same name. So I was like, hey this one is called Paul! And the other one is called, let’s see….Paul!

Anyway, they now sit in front of my screen all day, encouraging me to keep going. It helped because I had a greatly productive week! I had a meeting with my Prof and he acted less scary than usual. I even managed to interrogate him a little about his private life. It was cool to find out that he is exactly like other guys and turns into a bright-eyed little boy when you bring up their favorite subject. The rest of the week was uneventful and ended in me finishing several projects and sending some of them in for feedback. I had been working on them forever and thought I was never going to finish, but I did!

For next week I don’t have any urgent, must-be-completed-yesterday projects! Woohoo! Now I can finally try to catch up on some other stuff.

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