zaterdag 22 augustus 2009

Bloody Cat

And I mean that literally! This morning I was just getting ready to go to the gym when I noticed a few spots on the floor, they were blood… I checked my feet but it wasn’t me, nor cat#1 who was following me around as usual. So I went in search for cat #2 and found her shortly after hidden under the bed. One of the cushions under her paw had the skin partially ripped off, making a bloody mess. She didn’t seem to mind a lot because she was walking normally, not limping.

Too bad for me, because every step she’d take would leave a mark on our floor, which was already not so clean because of our reno in the laundry room + today being cleaning day. I locked her up in the kitchen for a while so she could sit and not stain things I can’t clean very well, like the couch and the sheep fur. And also because Chickie knew what was going on and took her chances: she jumped onto Chinta and slap her whenever possible. Poor cat!

I sat with Chinta in the kitchen for a while, with Chickie crying outside wanting to get in. After a while Chinta was not bleeding so much anymore so I let her out. Of course then she started walking around again, which made her paw bleed again, staining the whole house even more. Finally she went to sleep.

I went to get some groceries and her paw was better then, but as soon as she started walking again, it started bleeding again…pfff…moooore stains.

My floor really looked like I tried to slaughter the poor animal!

By the end of the afternoon Chinta was sleeping, so I hoped for the best and cleaned the floor. Of course, by the time I was finished she woke up and started walking around again… Her paw is much better now, but still leaving tiny stains. 

When the boyfriend is home we are going to take a look at it again and then we may need to clean and bandage it. I hope that’s not necessary because I don’t see how the combination cat + hurt paw + betadine + bandage is going to work out well.
But that would still be better than taking her to the vet: she would be going to the same thing (although done professionally) and I would be a poor woman (weekend fees + antibiotics = big donation for the vet’s new kitchen)
Now don’t get me wrong, if I see any sign of something going wrong with that paw, like inflammation or whatever, I’ll be the first to race down to the vet’s office after all. But I called the vet and it was her advice to first try ourselves.

Chickie knew I was not so happy with her behaviour, and she came sitting with me in the afternoon to make up. She even sat on my lap for a while and lay on the couch next to me being all cute and stuff hahaha, the little slimeball!

In conclusion, today was one of those days that shows the downsides of having cats…they get hurt and that tresses you out. On days like this I can almost imagine what it must be like to have kids…

Oh, and I forgot to add: when I woke up this morning, the first thing I saw was: cat vomit ON my bed….GROCE!!

To end this post, a few pictures of my cute little kitbits:

cat # 1 or Chick alias ‘mrs Slimeball Puppy’


cat# 2 or Chinta alias ‘mrs Arrogance Director’P7080194

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