dinsdag 18 augustus 2009

Breaking news

Yesterday evening the Boyfriend and myself went to a body combat class! For me that is nothing new, because I go every week. But the Boyfriend has not been able to do any sporting activities for several years due to an injury. At first they made us believe that he was not going to recover, ever. But then they found the real source of the problem and it turned out to be fixable. So he worked very hard on that for the last two years and a few weeks ago they cleared him to go sporting as long as he is careful with what he does. He was a bit confused at first because it was totally different from what he has ever done. But he really enjoyed it, so…..next week we are going again!

I am sooooo happy!!! We have never been able to do a lot of active things together and whenever we did (we took a rock and roll class for example) it always ended in him being in a lot of pain and in quitting early most of the time. Of course he is still not able to anything he wants but this is such a major improvement! I haven’t spoken to him yet and I don’t know how he is feeling on ‘the day after’ so I hope he woke up ok too.

I can’t wait for next week to come so he gets to go again because I know how much he missed doing active things!

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