maandag 3 augustus 2009

Flylady part 2

Today was just a regular working day for me. I was feeling pretty motivated today and did quite a lot during the morning. In the afternoon it cost me more to stay motivated, but still in total I got a lot of work done today. Tomorrow I'm working from home! I had planned a spinning class today, but I don't think I will go. Really don't feel like sporting today so I might skip it.

This morning I had some quark with oats and flax for my first breakfast. My second breakfast were crackers with cheese at work. Lunch as speltbread with cheese again and some tomato, lettuce and cucumber, yummie! As a snack I had rice crackers with peanut butter. And now the boyfriend is making french fries!!

FlyLady part 2
Ok, I promised to put my routines up here, so here's my morning routine first:
- shower and get dressed
- feed the cats and clean the litterbox
- Empty the dishwasher
- Swish and Swipe the bathroom. I just take a rag and some all purpose cleaner spray bottle and I quickly swipe down the bathroom sink. While I was in the shower I already cleaned the shower with an old sponge I have in there. Then I quicly swipe the toilet and swish it with the brush. This takes me less than 2 minutes
- load the washing machine
- put on make up, take medicines, fix hair
- check what's for dinner and get necessary food to thaw from the freezer
-make breakfast and lunch to go.

THat's it! But it makes sure I have a lot done already when I leave the house.
I will be back with my other routine. But dinner is ready!

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