zondag 16 augustus 2009

FlyLady- Last part

The last (I promise!) FlyLady thing that helps me so much in keeping my house organized so that I have more time for fun things is what she calls the Weekly Home Blessing Hour:

It involves doing 7 tasks for max 10 min. A few of them take less so in total in takes one hour to finish. I adapted the tasks a little to fit my homeThe tasks are:

  • change bed sheets
  • clean mess in house (like clothes on the chair in the bedroom and magazines I finished)
  • empty all trashcans
  • dust
  • wipe stains and nose prints of doors, windows and mirrors and other glass objects like our coffee table using window cleaner
  • vacuum
  • mob

This one hour superspeed cleaning makes the house look a lot better. But the best part is that in combination with the routines it makes the house look good at any time and in combination with the daily 15 minute missions it makes sure that is actually clean and not just looks clean and that I don’t keep too much clutter.

So there you go! I know it may sound a bit complicated but in fact it is not at all, because it is all based on routines so I don’t even have to think about it.
An additional advantage is that it makes it fun. Any, really any task is do-able if you only have to do it for 15 minutes. And what is better than reducing your weekend cleaning to 1 hour?

So there you go. One of the reasons I posted all this is that it frees me up quite a lot, it makes cleaning much more time efficient and fun to do. It helps me with my perfectionism that made me clean most of my saturday. Another reason is that I want to show people what I am doing every day. I don’t want them to think, hey that’s nice seeing how she works out, eats, works and whatever, but does she never ever need to clean or do other things like that and how does that fit in? Well, now you know my secret hahaha.

So i am off now I have to do one of my sunday tasks and that involves: checking my administration. it sounds important but it really only is throwing out most of the mail we received, filing some letters and bills and paying the bills that need to be payed. A little extra that I have been doing lately because I want to make sure I know where my money is going is keeping a spreadsheet with expenses and income which is really easy to do because most of my spending is done with my debitcard and easy to track.

Talk to you later!

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