zondag 2 augustus 2009

FlyLady part 1

Good afternoon everyone!

Yesterday eve the boyfriend really wanted to spend the evening at the computer so I watched some tv. Usually I only watch tv during dinner (even though I would really like to have dinner at the table, somehow we usually end up in front of the tv) or some kind of crime series before I go to bed because the boyfriend says he needs to watch tv before falling asleep.
First I saw some really imo 'dumb' stuff like 'How do I become a Gooi lady?''followed by 'Gooi ladies' and a part of 'paradise hotel'. Btw, a Gooi lady is someone who lives in the Gooi area of the Netherlands, a part where all the rich people with an attitude go live. It comes with a whole lifestyle that mainly involves socializing and see and being seen. I was flabbergasted by most of the stuff that they experiences as being 'normal' like spending a weekend in St Tropez. It all seemed very superficial to me, and made for a good laugh every now and then. Paradise Hotel was another program i had never seen. It was about a bunch of people trying to make friends only to use them for their own purposes, and lying, betraying, fighting was a common thing there. It was crazy!
Then finally it was time for the thing i had been waiting for: a dutch comedian. He told great stories that made you think and he made me laugh out loud, something I don't do often with these kind of programs!

Last night I also started working on revising my Happy Journal. I enrolled in an organize-your-house-and- life program over a year ago, led by a woman, Marla Cilley aka the FlyLady. I think of her as the Martha Stewart of modern age. She developed a plan on how to get/maintain your house clean, but it's also applicable to other things in your life. The three main rules in her system are: routines, you can do anything for 15 minutes, and make it fun. Her system is mainly for disorganized people who make a mess and have trouble doing household stuff. We joined because it might teach the boyfriend, who is exactly like that, something, but he dropped out pretty soon and instead it taught me a lot. I used to be sort of the opposite of the boyfriend: cleaning like crazy all saturday and sunday and feeling horrible after. Well, that's over! And despite Flylady being a bit...well, uncool I guess, I don't mind because it helps me and household is not something that is cool in the first place! Flylady had me make a control journal, which I renamed happy journal because it's about making me happy and letting go of things. control journal sounded too negative for me. In it, or at least in my journal, are:
- my morning routine : things I do each morning
- my evening routine: things I do eacht night after work
- daily missions: each day of the week is devoted to a certain thing, for example watering the plants.
- ideas for detailed cleaning of your house.

I know it sounds a bit vague, but I will be explaining how this system works for me in the posts during next week. If you can't wait and want to know more, go to FlyLady's website and learn all about it!

So what did I eat? yesterday we had thai curry, it was pretty good. Around 10pm I got hungry again though, and had some strawberry quark.
This morning my breakfast was the same banana oatmeal I was raving about earlier this week! It tasted amazing again!
My lunch was speltbread with pizzasauce and chees, grilled in the oven, mmmm!!

Ok, I am going to continue finishing my cleaning chores for today and on with my To Do list, which as a lot of things on it like: administration, work, and continuing on the chair I want to refabric (is that a word?). Oh, and I also want to go on a run today, but then it has to stop raining first.

But before I leave, and also to spice up this post, a picture of the activity of Chinta today:

She slept late. After spending the whole night on the bed at our feet (we prefer that over her scratching the bedroom door all night) she woke up for breakfast when the boyfriend got up and then came back. she was still there at 1.30pm when I started bothering her because I wanted to change the bed sheets. Now, she's sleeping somewhere else, lol !

'Till next time!

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