zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

Brown Monster

Good afternoon everybody!
Today it's finally weekend! Even though I will have to work a bit because of my lack of motivation this week.
Yesterday I went for a run in the park and it was good! I found this technique on the internet that makes you run better, faster and it's better for your muscles and joints!

I must say that I feel a bit awkward running like this, but it did made my knees and ankles feel more relaxed, so that is good thing I guess.
I also sorted to some more administration in our study room. The boyfriend promised me that he would finally start on the computer stuff (he has to now, because of our moving plans) and he did!! We have this agreement that he tries to do 15 minutes everyday (which he usually doesn't) and he spent over an hour sorting to computers and computer parts yesterday eve! even though the room looks like a bigger mess now I am very happy because a lot of stuff went straight to the container. I also ran into our neighbour who lives above us and next weekend he will come over and start fixing the damage that was caused by bad caulking in his bathroom. When that is finished we are prepared to sell the house! We are probably going to use next weekend to fill up some holes in the walls and paint over little scratches etc.

Also, last night I was searching for some reading material in my mom's magazine drawer and I found a guide that was called: create the-life-that-you-want plan. How funny is that? I will be posting more about that later, when I have read it. When I started thinking about it, it hit me that that is what I want to do with my life: I want to help other people find their way to happiness! That would mean that when I grow up (haha) I want to be some sort of lifestyle coach, lol! But not yet, first I want my PhD and I also want some more experience in counseling people.
I felt really good after drawing this conclusion! For now I am happy being a scientific researcher but something like that fits more with the image I have of myself for the future that is further away.

Okay, enough about that. Let's talk about today. Well, today was pretty much a typical Saturday for me. I slept later than usual, read a magazine, browsed on the internet while making my grocery list and eating this for breakfast

It was:
Yoghurt with oats, straberries and a little honey. So good!! And of course some tea.
I finished another paragraph of my article (go me!) and then I went grocery shopping. Most of the time I really like doing that. Today was one of the days I was looking for new products that I might try some day. I brought extra coconut milk and some santen that I will try in my Green monsters this week. It's supposed to be very good! I also found that our supermarket sells dry beans, chick peas and lentils to cook yourself. So that is a good thing! I would really like to have a place where you can buy seeds and nuts in large packages without them being extremely expensive. One of these days I am going to check on what our toko has to offer in that. When I came home I made a new Green Monster:

I started with 100ml milk and a banana. Then I added a lot of spinach (fresh), I think about 2-3 hands full ( I needed to finish it before it got bad) and about a quarter of a melon (another thing that I need to finish) and a scoop of linseed. It made a really GREEN drink. But since nothing frozen was in there and the melon and banana weren't even cooled, i wanted to do someting to make it cooler. So I put half of it in the fridge and the other half I added 4 frozen straberries to drink right away.
In this picture it looks green but in real life it was more army green/brownish because of the strawberries. but it tasted good!!

The other one that I left in the fridge didn't taste as good, it go bitter I don't know why, but that happens a lot with these monsters. I prefer drinking them right away!

Now I have to go, I really don't want to sit here anymore as it's hot and the sun is shining in my eyes. I also have to start on dinner soon.

What is the weirdest colour your Green Monster or smoothie ever had?

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