zaterdag 15 augustus 2009

FlyLady time again

Lol, more FlyLady from me today. But I just feel like I need to have this off my chest.

Here is some stuff I wrote on thursday but still had not posted yet.


Sorry for being such a bad bad blogger. I really would like to be blogging a lot more than I actually do. But I have been extremely busy with just all the stuff I do everyday and also our moving plans.


We fell in love with a house last Sunday! It is totally what we want and we can also afford it! But we will have to sell hour own house first. So we are focusing on that now.
Tonight another broker will come and we are going to see what this one has to offer us. We also plan on asking a third one and then make up our mind.
In the mean time we started fixing the water damage in our laundry room/hallway/bathroom. Well, I must admit that I have not been doing a lot, but the boyfriend is working on it together with the neighbour (who caused the leaking and therefore the damage). Next up, is decluttering our home so it looks bigger.
At the same time I am planning appointments with banks about mortgage advices.


I managed to work out every day this week! (yes I know that we’re only half way, but I like to see things from the positive side). Monday I took a spinning class, which was exhausting first of all because it had been a couple of weeks since I last went. Second of all, it was hot in there, I was sweating so much that I actually had drops of sweat on the floor for the first time (groce, I know). Third, the instructor at some point sad that after this one song we were going to cool down, so I thought, ok fine I’ll give everything. And we ended up doing one more climbing and one more sprinting song before finally cooling down. Pfff!! But I felt good afterwards.
Tuesday was running day. My start-to-run course is finally making some progress. One last 2 min walk and from then on only 1 min walking intervals with 2 min running and from now one we are going to work on decreasing walking time and increasing running time.
Yesterday I went to a zumba class. I could not make up my mind whether to go to zumba or body pump. But in the end I felt more like dancing and I did not dance last week either! Again it was hot in there and I was sweating a LOT again! But it was a good class.
This afternoon when I get back from work I hope I can squeeze in another run.

I really miss my bread and all the other flour-based things I like to eat like pancakes :P Tonight I have to bake a new bread, because I have no spelt bread left. I do continue to eat healthy most of the time so that is a good thing. It just makes me feel really good I guess. I don’t crave a lot of other stuff either, like cookies and deep fried stuff.

Next thing about FlyLady. I already wrote about my morning and evening routine. During the evening routine I do a daily mission every day. My daily missions include a variety of things. I have dedicated days for certain things. Most of them all take just a few minutes:
Mo: water plants
Tu: clean the parts of the fridge I can reach easily and make grocery list
We: errands. They boyfriend does the groceries but sometimes we need to buy or do other stuff too.
Th: polish shoes (usually I make the boyfriend polish shoes because he like to do that)
Fr: clean out purse (receipts and stuff I gathered during the week)
Sat: do groceries myself
Su: relax/beauty mission. This is the one I like most haha!

On Mo-Fr I also do a max 15 min cleaning mission. I literally set my timer and do a mission each day in the same zone of the house for a week. There are 5 zones that repeat each month.
This week is kitchen-week. Missions may be: clean windows, clean fridge well, clean appliances, detailed vacuuming, a few cupboards. But never more than 15 minutes!

This way I get to do some major cleaning in one part of the house. You would wonder what happens with that zone the rest of the month. Well, because of the routines in the morning and evening you pick up after yourself anyway. And there is the weekly home blessing hour. And that is for the last part of my FlyLady thing.
I know it may sound boring and much like a control freak but it really gives me so much more freedom because of the time restraints on it and not needing to do the whole house every week because this way that is not necessary.

It works for me, and maybe by writing about this I can help someone else to find the peace that comes with following this system.

So now you know what I have been up to these days. But now it is weekend so I will make some time for my blog again. After that it is only monday and tuesday at work and then I have vacation! I am so so ready for that!

Okay, I have to go now and do some groceries

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