donderdag 2 juli 2009

Escaping zuccini

It is so hot right now! Today i left work early because i finally finished my poster for the conference so i deserved some rest. i spent the rest of the afternoon in the park just chilling and napping a bit. It was way too hot in the house or at the balcony so in the park underneath a tree was my best option.

Yesterday was a long day again. A lot of work and after that i went to the gym for my body combat class. It was fun, and boy was i sweaty!
Tomorrow i am going to take it easy again. I have to go to work to pick up the poster at the copy shop and finish some stuff, including packing my stuff because they will move everything while i am in Paris. Someone will join us so we have to rearrange in order to be able to fit everybody on our floor at the university.

Well, nothing much to talk about today. It is way too hot to sit behind the computer anyway, and my brain feels empty, i think it melted...

Oh! I know. The other day the boyfriend made a really fun picture of one of the cats sleeping on the couch:

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