maandag 27 juli 2009


Good evening!! I am going to make this a quick post because I have stuff to do and the boyfriend wants to use the computer.

Today was my first real working day. Last week it didn't really feel like work (and to be honest I did not do as much as i as supposed to/hoped to do). Work went really well, I was motivated and finished an important part of my analyses, so now I get to focus on writing the article!

My spelt bread turned out really good yesterday! i forgot to take pictures, but it looked like a real bread and tasted just as good as the other spelt bread i bought form a organic food store.

Yesterday I finished all the administration things! I threw away so much stuff! Now i get to continue with the next part of the administration. I think it;s more paper work....
Talking about paper work: we made an appointment today with the bank to discuss our mortgage opportunities, but it's not untill friday next week. However, the real estate guy will be here wednesday to give us some advice!

Dinner today was good: Croque madame with spinach salad! Even though it sounds quite chique, it was just a grilled cheese-ham sandwich with an egg on top :

As for workouts: i decided not to go to the gym today and have a rest day. But I am going to do the balance exercises that are part of the boot camp at Oh She Glows .

Ok, I really gotta go right now. Also my head is pretty full so i can't focus very well on writing. 'Till next time!

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