dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Run Daisy Run!

Hi again! I know my last post was in Dutch. This is because I am not sure yet, what language I want to have this blog in. Dutch is easier because it's my native language, but English is more common in blog-land. Also, it's good to practice...as if i don't do that at work...and frankly i don't care very much if i make mistakes.

Well, at some point i will figure out which language works best for me.

Ok, today was a quiet day again. Woke up in time and my breakfast consisted of vanilla flavoured quark with cornlakes and oats, pretty good!

I worked very hard at home (yay!) and finished some stuff i have been wanting to finish for a while now. Lunch was not very interesting: just some crackers with cheese, i wasn't feeling very hungry.

After work I went for my third running class. It was fun and very easy, still! If it keeps going like this I will be able to run that 5k in no time!

After running i did some push ups, according to the exercises of the summer glow boot camp. I think i am already getting stronger, and actually managed to do a few on my feet instead of 'cheating' on my knees!

The boyfriend has a barbecue from work, lol, it has been raining and even some thunder and lightning since dinner time. i hope he stays dry!

Also watched the news on the 4daagse, a huge 4 day walking event in a city close by. over 41000 people are participating and I am very proud to say that i did so last year! Yes, i walked 200k in 4 days!! These days i am finally working on some scrap pages of my experiences last year. Better late than never, right? ;)

Well, I have to go. Still have to finish my After Work Routine (it's a household thing, will talk about that some day) and then i want to take a zumba class. I usually do not go to the gym on tuesday, especially since the class is so late. But hey, i'm working at home this week so that saves me a lot of sleep anyway. The boyfriend is not at home and i really feel like dancing!! Woohoo!

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