zondag 26 juli 2009

Sunday afternoon

Hello! I am having a really relaxed fun weekend. Too bad that tomorrow I have to get back to work again. Yesterday I did not manage to do everything I wanted to do, but that doesnt matter really. I ended up spending way too much time at the computer. I did do groceries and washed and vacuumed my car. Now it's all bright and shiny again! I really love my car!

After that I needed some energy so I made a Green Monster. It was really good! It contained

- 100 ml yoghurt

- 1 banana

- 4 strawberries

- 1 tblsp linseed

- 4 blocks frozen spinach

After inhaling it and feeling very refreshed I went over to my parents place to borrow the bread baking machine and chat for a while. After that I was really excited because when I told my dad about a house that is for sale for a very reasonable price he got really enthusiastic and we talked for a while how it might be a good time to sell our apartment. Because of the financial crisis the market is not very good so it's hard to sell your house for a high price. But our apt will never make us rich anyway, so why not sell it real quick for a very low price and buy a relatively cheap bigger house? It is possible because we payed very little to buy it in the first place. So now we have to act fast and talk to the bank about mortgage opportunities and to a real estate guy about selling our house. We want to ask him about the value of the house and whether it is better to remodel the bathroom and kitchen first or not. Right now, those both rooms look like we started to remodel but forgot to continue and finish it. The rest of the house looks ok. So it's all very exciting!!

Mom and dad also happened to own two tackers (staple guns) so that saved me a trip to the store. I hope it is going to work out with the chairs! Can't wait to start on them!

After that I only changed the bed sheets and folded some clothes and then it was dinner time!. I made a salad we had in Paris which was really good. It was salad with honey-mustard dressing with baked potato slices, tomato, ham and camembert cheese.

The boyfriend and I talked about moving and stuff over dinner and now we are both excited!! The boyfriend got a little bonus for staying longer at work today. His boss told him to buy wine with it, but it was quite a lot to only buy wine! Therefore we went downstairs to the pool centre around the corner. It had been quite while since we played pool, but I managed to kick the boyfriends butt! Me, the beginner pool player won from the guy who used to play competitions! Woot! Doing as BFs boss said we had wine to go with it.

Then we really tired and sort of drunk, so we went home to sleep. I think i slept for almost 10 hours, and that was so good!! After breakfast (yogurt with oats and strawberries) I decided to go for a run. I did lesson 4 of my start to run course:

1 min run, 1 min walk

2 x 2 min run, 2 min walk

2x 3 min run, 3 min walk

It was the same as lesson 3, but ok. I felt really good at the last 3 min run so I decided to run the last 2 min as fast as i could. Pfff, that was hard! When I came back I did part of the Summer Glo Boot camp exercises:

3 x 1 min wall sit

1 min plank

30 sec side plank each side.

Then I really did not feel like doing anything anymore even though I am still supposed to do the side planks again and als 20 pushups and chairdips. Maybe I will later....

After my shower I had 2 breakfast cake with butter (dutch thing again) and later 2 crackers with cheese. Then I made myself finish the household chores that were waiting for me: folded the rest of the clothes, dusted, cleaned windows and mirrors from spots, vacuumed, mobbed and emptied trash!

And now I am hungry again!! And i;m waiting for my bread to finish. I searched the internet for a recipe of spelt bread and filled the bread baking machine. And now I have to wait, I hope it will turn out well!

I'll report on that in my next post. Now I'm off sorting out some old administration stuff and look at current bills.

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