donderdag 30 juli 2009


I have been so incredibly restless that last couple of weeks! And our moving plans have not made it any better at all!
Yes, we may sell our house and buy another one, bigger and in a more quiet place! I am so excited about it! But right now the best thing I can do is continue cleaning up the mess in our office/study and continue doing what I always do at least until we talked to the bank and know exactly how much money we can get....

But even before the moving plans, my brain was already bullying itself with all these thoughts, dreams, ideas and new interests. Even though it is a lot of fun passings your days like this, it's getting annoying now, because it keeps me from doing the things that I am supposed to do. And I keep getting the feeling that it means that I am not entirely happy with the way my life is...I have to think about that some more. But not now...I have to get back to work and try to finish some stuff before I go home.

I know I haven't been around here for a couple of days, but not much of interest happened anyways.
Ok, gotto go now, but will be back later!

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