donderdag 23 juli 2009

Morning frustrations

I am not someone who gets frustrated easily over things. I don't like being angry and I don't like to spend energy on negative things you can't really anything about in the first place, like traffic jams, be surprised by the rain and getting soaking wet, just missing the bus. But i'm only human, so sometimes you can't escape frustration. And sometimes it even comes in handy. This morning it was one of the monitors of my computer. When I turned it on it gave no image and made freaky noises. Of course it was the main monitor (where the start menu and desktop items are and where everything pops up) so I wasn't really able to use the computer at all! That's not good if you have to work. Called the boyfriend for advice and he said that just unplugging the monitor would probably not help. I first tried switching the connectors of the two monitors, but for some reason they had diferent sizes. The one i wanted to keep was bigger so it would not fit in the regular spot on the PC where the monitor goes. So i ended up disconnecting the monitor from the server and putting it instead of the broken monitor. Not much of a probleme exept that the broken monitor weighs as much and is at least the size of an old fashioned big tv (not the flat screen plasma ones). That is where my frustration helped me: it gave me the strength to lift the giant thing! (or maybe my work outs are paying off, lol). When i turned the computer on, it immedeately turned the second monitor (the alive one) into the primary one, making the 'new' one secondary! (can you follow?) So I think that in the end it would have been sufficient to just unplug the 'dead' one. But, hey enough about that. It's working now...

Yesterday eve I was too busy (watching tv) to write about my day, so I'll do that now. I had the day off and spend it on relaxing and working on some small projects. I finally finished my scrapbook pages of the walking event i attended last year! It was the first time I did such a thing and i think I like it. I noticed that as i progressed, the pages became more creative and interesting. I am definately going to make some more pages on other things too.

But first I wanted to continue making a dress. I like to sew my own clothes and right now i'm working on transforming a skirt into a dress. I learned how to on . I hope it turns out well- that is, into something i'd like to wear.

The boyfriend was free as well, and he was teasing Chinta and made some cute and dorky pictures. And Chinta was just to lazy, or did not care enough, to move!
At the moment the boyfriend and I are watching Twin Peaks (are we behind or what?) It's such a funny and weird series. We have it on demand for free and only have 2 more episodes to go. I wonder how it's going to end!

Before dinner i managed to get myself to the gym for my body combat class. I started following these classes because i wanted a change from body pump and add some more cardio, but i am really starting to love those classes! You get a good sweat out of it and aside from the cardio you can really feel your muscles working.

So what did I eat today? For breakfast I had some yoghurt with banana, cornflakes and oats. Because it filled me up quite a lot and breakfast was later than usual i didnt need a snack this morning. For lunch we had french fries with a frikadel (typical dutch deep fried meat snack). I could really feel the difference by the way, from eating deep fried things for the first time since a couple of weeks. I felt less energetic. So to add some more healthy stuff and have enough energy for the combat class i made a green monster with frozen melon, milk, yoghurt and spinach. Delicious!! After working out I had dinner waiting for me: some kind of white fish, mashed potatoes and carrots and peas.

So, now I really have to get to work for a while. I am taking the afternoon off because i'm going to Nijmegen to cheer on our English friend who is walking the 4daagse. his partner dropped out yesterday, due to pain and blisters. I hope by that time it will have stopped raining!
Okay, really gone now. Making myself some tea and getting stuff done.

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