zaterdag 25 juli 2009

Kings of summer

Wow, days are passing so quickly! But I have had a lot of fun since my last post.
I managed to to work just a little, though not enough. So I will have to be working this weekend too.

Thursday afternoon my brother and I went to Nijmegen to see our English friends at the Vierdaagse. Because the whole town is just packed with people we parked the car in a village on the other side of the river and walked the 2.5k over there. We had some drinks and catched up. Later we went to get them a typical Dutch snack: poffertjes! They are a little like tiny pancakes and you eat them with butter and sugar.

Then we went back home because the English really had to go to sleep, or at least one of them did. His wife had dropped out the day before due to some severe blisters where the skin came off her feet, iiiieeeks!

Thursday and friday I also spend sorting through my boxes with memories and photos. I encountered all kinds of little things like shells, beer coasters, self-made necklaces and letters and old diaries. It was so much fun to go through them! I also trew some stuff out. For example, how many cards saying 'I love you and I am so happy we are together' that you ex's gave to you do you want to hang on to? I did keep the letters though because they are about something instead of just general expressions of affection. I organised the stuff and now it fits neatly into two boxes again. The whole thing is actually part of the bigger project of cleaning up our office/study room. My next thing is going to be some old administration (now that is a lot less interesting than sorting through memories, right?). I am going to look up what you need to keep for how long and then I think i will be able to toss out a lot! Keep you posted..

Yesterday I finally got to do something I've been dying to do for a while now: go to the fabric market in town to scoe some pretty nicely priced fabrics for my sewing projects!
On the right are the black one and the one with flowers which will be turned into a dress. The purple one is going to be a vest. It's really comfy stretch fabric. The dark blue fabric on the left is for refinishing the chairs of the dining table. On of today's missions is to find a staple gun and then i can get started! After buying this and a LOT of strawberries for no money at all I made myself leave the market. I felt like a kid in a candy store, there were some many fabrics that I loved loved loved! And I didn't even see half of the stands!

So I left the market and went for a haircut I was in desperate need of. I think it turned out ok, I still need to shower and then I will be able to see. This is because the lady who cut my hair went crazy on the blowdrying and I ended up looking like my hair had exploded! And later that day my curls miraculously disappeared and I was forced to have a ponytail for the rest of the day.

After that I went to a mill nearby to get some spelt, so today I am going to bake my first bread ever! I asked my mom to lend me her bread baking machine and then i'll see what happens.

At night we went back to Nijmegen again, the boyfriend tagged along too. We celebrated the fact that our friend had finished the vierdaagse! I was amazed on how smoothly he was walking that night. I remember that last year after I finished I wasn't really able to do anything anymore, let alone walk! We had a good time chatting and having drinks. I didn't drink a drop of alcohol because I knew we were probably going to run in to an alcohol patrouille on our way back and i just wanted to be sure. And of course we did! Because so many people are out there with all the partying that come together with the Vierdaagse they shut down all the roads. In our case they just shut down the highway and make you take the exit to do the blowing test. Of course I passed, and they gave me the BOB key chain!! (usually they run out of those really soon, and I have only had to do the test twice in my life anyway). The boyfriend was jealous because whenever he is the Bob they never have them. Now for the non Dutch readers: Bob is an abbreviation that means as much as a driver who consciously did not drink. There is a big campaign here with commercials and ads about assigning someone to be Bob when going out in a group. And that Bob then will be able to get everyone home safely.

So let's continue with workouts: well, thursday I walked for an hour so I thought that was enough exercise. Yesterday I wanted to go the gym, but I didnt make it because we went to Nijmegen. But that's ok. Today I will do the Oh she glows boot camp exercises I was supposed to do on Thursday and then Sunday i'll probably go for a run.

What did I eat? Thursday nite I was too tired and lazy to cook so we went to get a Turkish Durum take out. And of course i had snacked on the poffertjes too, even though i wasn't supposed because of my wheat free diet.

Friday morning i had oatmeal with a banana. I snacked on sesame cookies until I got home from the market and the mill. Then I had two crackers with cheese and another one with my freshly bought strawberries. That tasted soo goood!! In the evening I tried out a new dish: mexican oven dish. it was delicious!! The boyfriend and I both wished there was more to eat!

Ok, now I'm off taking a shower and then continue on some errands and housekeeping.

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